Classy Romania is a Romanian travel agency, specialized on incoming travel, but also offering a diversified range of services on outgoing for both individual travelers, groups and corporate clients.

Our agency offers both standard tours, organized in-house or as reseller, but mostly customized tours or vacation packages with a wide selection of itineraries throughout Romania and abroad. We emphasis our flexibility when it comes to dates and budgets.

The company has a young team, yet with over 20 years of experience in the tourism field, providing excellent quality services and already tested accommodations and destinations.

Our services are of a broad variety, from accommodation and boarding, to transportation by any means (providing tickets for planes, buses, railways, boats, car rent, etc), to events organization like team-buildings, weddings, etc. The standard tours include city-breaks, one-day tours, capital surroundings, 2 countries tours, castle and churches tours, wine & food tours and cover all most important geographical areas of Romania.

Besides serving directly its clients through standard tours or tailor-made trips, Classy Romania is also interested in building up reliable and long-term partnerships with Tour Operators and Travel Agencies outside Romania who are searching for the best solutions for their clients.