In a remarkable showcase of Romanian splendor, five members of the Incoming Romania Association (Dagecom, Romania for All, Romania Tours, World Travel Group) recently made their mark at the prestigious BIT Milano travel exhibition. This year’s event, featuring over 1,000 participants and an array of captivating destinations, provided a vibrant platform for global travel enthusiasts.

The Romanian tour-operators, who actively promoted Romania as the ideal destination for Italians, strategically used images and films that not only captured attention but also piqued the curiosity of those exploring our stand. The captivating visuals painted a vivid picture of Romania’s cultural richness, historical treasures, and scenic landscapes, leaving an lasting impression on Italian visitors.

Adding a delightful touch to our exhibition, various events were organized at our stand, featuring the presentation of traditional products. From the iconic Romanian traditional blouse called “ie” to personalized T-shirts, visitors had the chance to delve into Romania’s rich cultural tapestry. A highlight of these events was the traditional tasting, allowing attendees to savor the authentic flavors of Romania.