FamTrip Iasi Sep 2021

As guests of the Destination Iaşi Association, on September 2021, between 2nd and the 5th, the representatives of the Incoming Romania Association participated in an Fam trip to Iaşi. The historical city and “the capital of Moldova” revealed its modern and vibrant form.

The aim of the activity was an informative one. In order to promote Iaşi and its surroundings in our national and international offer, we needed to see what’s new. Both the fresh life of the city and its traditional hospitality make us suggest Iaşi as the 2022 destination in a wide variety of our programs.

Some of the amazing sites we had the chance to see in and around Iaşi are The Palace of Culture, “Trei ierarhi” Monastery, Metropolitan Church of Moldova and Bucovina, National Theatre & Opera House, The HUMAn Creation Workshop of the ceramic artist Ionela Mihuleac in Cucuteni, Sturdza Castle in Miclăușeni, Copou Park, Iaşi University (with the Hall of Lost Steps, Bălașa Gallery, Old Hall, Mihai Eminescu Hall), Ion Creangă Memorial House, House of Museums.

The visit was sprinkled with fantastic wine tastings from the Hermeziu, Gramma, Cotnari and Strunga wineries as well as tasteful culinary experiences from Miraval, Gist, Beer Zone, Krud restaurants in Iaşi and Sturdza Castle Complex Restaurant in Miclăușeni.

All participants were delighted with the perfect organization of this trip and bring special thanks to the Destination Iasi team consisting of Dora Morhan – Destination Manager, Mihai Bulai – President and Nicu Apostol – owner Rolandia Travel.

We appreciate the effort made by the Destination Iaşi Association and we support them in promoting Romania!