Cooperation protocol

Although it covers a relative small area, the Republic of Moldova as a tourist destination has a great potential represented by an unusual diversity of landscape reservations and unique geological monuments of Europe. Over the last decade the major forms of tourism in the Republic of Moldova have been: rural, wine, cultural tourism, health and beauty Tourism.

In order to develop and promote the tourism of both Moldova and Romania, on July 20, in Chisinau,  it was signed a cooperation protocol between Incoming Romania Association  and ANTRIM Incoming Association (The National Inbound Tourism Association of Moldova). The protocol aims to bring together the incoming agencies in Romania and Moldova in order to attract more tourists and to create multi-country tour packages. In the context of globalisation and the dynamic international tourism market, this type of packages increase the competitive advantage allowing member agencies to address to broader markets.

The cooperation protocol was signed during the ANTRIM Incoming Travel Forum, where the main topics discussed included the improvement of the services offered to tourists, new tourism products that could be launched together with colleagues from Romania and working with tourism related fields.

The event was organized by the National Inbound Tourism Association of Moldova in cooperation with the Austrian Development Agency, with the support of USAID Competitiveness Project.