Primaverii Palace Bucharest

A new tourist attraction is available for those who want to learn more about the history of Communism in Romania, and especially about Nicolae Ceauşescu, the (in)famous Romanian dictator.

Born into a very poor family in 1918, Ceauşescu wanted to leave behind his poor status as fast as possible. That’s why he ended up in prison as a member of the Communist party in the ‘30s. It is here that he met the most important leaders of the Communist movement and later, based on his good contacts, was able to secure high positions within the Romanian Communist Party.

In 1965 he became the leader of the Communist Party and in 1974, the first president of Romania. The Party controlled every aspect of the country, and as head of the Party, he was able to become an all-powerful dictator. Needless to say, his new status needed a residence to match his importance.

Primăverii Palace (Palatul Primăverii) is located in Primăverii neighborhood, one of the richest and most exclusive districts of Bucharest in the north of the city and close to the Herăstrău park and lake. ”Primăvară” in Romanian language means ”spring”.

Built in the ‘60s and modified in the ‘70s, the palace has 80 rooms, a large swimming pool, a winter garden, a large courtyard, many luxurious bathrooms, a cinema, and of course, a wine cellar. Each and every room received lavish attention to detail, with expensive furniture, fine porcelain, silk wallpapers, and valuable paintings. In this way, Ceauşescu was finally able to forget his humble past. He was now able to receive the most important leaders of the world such as Richard Nixon, who had the pleasure of drinking a cup of tea with Ceauşescu in 1969.

The palace, which was always the private residence of the Ceauşescu family, is a good opportunity to reveal the true face of Communism, i.e. of those who were speaking in the name of the poor while enjoying an extravagant life, full of luxuries and without any worries.

The Ceauşescu palace is open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday, and from 10AM till 6PM. You need to make a reservation in advance, and the cost for a guided tour in English is 45 lei per person.

Address of Primăverii Palace: 50 Primăverii Boulevard, Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania

Telephone for info and reservations: +40 213 180 989, +40 213 180 985


You can find more details about the palace on its website here: Palatul Primaverii Website.

Google map location of the palace is here.

From the city center you can reach Palatul Primăverii by METRO (Aviatorilor station) or by bus (131, 301, 331, 335, 330, 182).


Daniel Gheorghiță